Quick Divorce in North Carolina

Some people want to get through their divorce as quickly as possible. Perhaps they have discovered that their spouse was unfaithful, and they want this person out of their life right away. Unfortunately, there are statutory waiting periods in North Carolina that are required for all divorces. Even in cases of infidelity or abuse, you’ll need to wait out the separation period before you can complete your divorce. One-Year Separation Period You need to live separate and apart from your spouse for one year before you can final for divorce. You can’t speed up this period or have your spouse waive the separation period. You just have to wait it out. However, you can deal with your claims related to the divorce during this time. Alimony, property division, child custody, and child support can be negotiated while you are still separated. It won’t speed up your divorce to get these issues resolved, but it will allow you to focus on moving on with your life. These…

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