Quick divorce in New Year

Need a fast divorce in 2019? A flat fee uncontested divorce an be easy, and quick – with a lawyer (p:224-300-0529). A quick uncontested divorce requires a couple different things. Let’s take a look. Start with agreement An uncontested divorce in one that starts with the spouses being in total agreement about all issues in the divorce. While it is possible for every divorce to end in agreement (and most do), an uncontested divorce in Illinois is one where – from the beginning – both parties agree to everything. Sometimes people assume a spouse is in agreement, but it’s not the case. So people who want a quick divorce need to communicate. Don’t sweat the small stuff Fighting about a divorce can be very expensive. So it pays not to sweat the small stuff. For example, sometimes people fight about a car worth $7,000, because the person says the car is worth $8,000. This is an example of something about which it can be…

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