Qualifying for reinstatement

Qualifying for reinstatementLevy v Freeport UFSD, 275 A.D.2d 459, Motion for leave to appeal denied, 95 N.Y.2d 769 Carol L. Levy asked the Freeport Union Free School District to reinstate her to the position of Coordinator of English Language Arts/Reading. Levy contended that she was qualified for reinstatement to the position because she was certified in reading. Conceding that Levy was certified in reading, the district declined to reinstate her to as the Coordinator because she was not certified in English. Levy sued, seeking a court order compelling the district to reinstate her to the position. The Appellate Division set out the general rule for reinstatement as follows: Although a teacher seeking reinstatement need not be tenured in the area of the vacant position, the vacant position must be similar to the teacher's former position and the teacher must be legally qualified to teach in the position sought. Here, said the court, the record is clear: Levy is certified to teach reading, but not to teach English. Under the circumstances, the court concluded, Levy did not have the appropriate certification for the position of English Language Arts/Reading Coordinator and dismissed her appeal.

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