Qualcomm can't leverage Chinese bogeyman or allege misuse of its trade secrets by Apple in upcoming antitrust and contract trial: pretrial rulings

Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel just entered a minute order summarizing various rulings on Apple's, its contract manufacturers', and Qualcomm's motions in limine (pretrial motions to exclude testimony, evidence, or argument). The rulings came down orally at yesterday's motion hearing as the order indicates.While those decisions can have major impact on what the parties to a dispute can say or show at trial time, rulings on motions in limine are typically much less important than summary judgment orders, and a very important summary judgment was published yesterday but dated March 12 (Tuesday): under that one, Qualcomm has lost the opportunity (barring a successful appeal) to claw back billions of dollars from Apple, and it's now apparently a foregone conclusion that Apple is entitled to an extra $1 billion in payments under a Business Cooperation and Patent Agreement (BCPA). And in other news today a jury verdict (in Qualcomm's favor) came down…

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