Put Down that Snackbox, There May Be an Issue with Your Imported Food!

By: Abigail Ryan. The likelihood that your lunch contains some percentage or other of imported food is great. In fact, I would say, it is a given. Did you know that the average American eats roughly 260 pounds of imported food per year? Despite having a fair number of farms and croplands, the United States gets large amounts of its food imported from outside the nation. From fish and shellfish to fruits and nuts, from vegetables and coffee to red meats and more, America likes variety and, consequently, purchases quite a range from outside countries. In addition, due to our country’s growing economy and the constant demand for ethnic food that is not our own, the rate of imported food is steadily increasing, but according to Issues and Concerns with Imported Foods, this doesn’t mean all the food is safe for consumption. The Important Info on Imports Concerns relating to the safety of imported food are not new. In fact, safety of imported foods has been a topic in the…

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