Psychiatrist Who Saw Patients by "Skype" Pleads Guilty to Health Care Fraud for Treatment and Billing for Workers' Compensation Patients

When health care providers tell me that "telemedicine" is now "legal," I respond that the same standard of care applies and that they need to be very careful regarding how the patients are seen, referred, examined and ensure that the medical record keeping and reports also meet the standard of care. Health care providers who do telemedicine as a subcontractor also need to make sure they know who they are working for and how the visit is going to be billed. In addition, they need to see whether they are paying a third party for management fees or billing that could be classified as payment for referrals.The number of health care fraud cases that arise where the patients have been treated or prescribed after "telemedicine" consultations or exams is on the rise.  A recent case shows how Skype was used to allow a psychiatrist to see patients but it appears the reports and billing may not have met the standard of care and even delved to the…

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