Province Turns to Little Used Industrial Inquiry Commission at York University

April 13 2018 The long road to a resolution of the six week long bitter strike of contract faculty at York University took a new twist today as the province appointed an Industrial Inquiry Commission to look into the dispute.   Here is the province’s formal announcement. Well respected senior arbitrator and mediator, William Kaplan, has been appointed as a single commissioner to meet with the parties and examine the strike and assess the possibility of a resolution. What Is an Industrial Inquiry Commission? The power to appoint an Industrial Inquiry Commission is found in Section 37 of the Labour Relations Act.  That section read as follows: 37 (1) The Minister may establish an industrial inquiry commission to inquire into and report to the Minister on any industrial matter or dispute that the Minister considers advisable. Composition and powers (2) The industrial inquiry commission shall consist of one or more members appointed by the Minister and the…

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