Proposal to Overhaul Bail System Heads to Nevada Supreme Court

LAS VEGAS, NV – Those who proposed changes may finally see changes as the Nevada Supreme Court took public commentary Tuesday regarding an overhaul of the state bail system. If this bill passes legislation, judges will begin evaluating based on the crime, the threat risk and whether the defendant could pose a flight risk. From there, bail could be assigned a much lower dollar amount for lower crimes. This legislation addresses two issues simultaneously. First, low-risk defendants may be able to pay little to nothing to be released awaiting their trial; second, it could lower the population of packed jails across the state. Nevada Needs an Impartial System Under the current system, defendants incarcerated for misdemeanors and low-level felonies may sit for months before their cases are heard in Clark County. Violent offenders who have not been assigned bail could be housed with first-time arrestees, posing a significant safety risk to these defendants. This means…

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