Property owner liable if a firefighter is injured in the line of duty due to the owner's failure to comply with law, rule or regulation that resulted in the injury

General Municipal Law §205-a "gives a firefighter . . . a right of action against any person whose negligent failure to comply with a government provision either  directly or indirectly results in injury" suffered in the "line of duty."A city firefighter, who had sustained injuries in the course of performing firefighting duties when he "stepped onto a roof, slipped on the snowy surface and fell to the ground," and his spouse [Plaintiffs] sued the owner, [Defendant] alleging the Defendant was liable, citing General Municipal Law §205-a and General Obligations Law §11-106. Supreme Court granted the Defendant's motion and Plaintiffs appealed.The Appellate Division ruled that Supreme Court properly granted Defendant's motion for summary judgment, explaining that while General Municipal Law §205-a "gives a firefighter . . . a right of action," to successfully make out such a claim, a plaintiff:1. Must…

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