Project Reset in NYC – Lawyerless Transaction in the Criminal Justice System

Project Reset and Similar Programs – Lawyerless Transactions in the Criminal Justice System – An Appalling Due Process Disaster Project Reset is a criminal court diversion program in New York City that seeks to help people who have no prior arrests who are arrested for various “low level” misdemeanor offenses. Eligible participants are diverted from the Court system and instead offered the opportunity to attend a two hour workshop with the hope that after the workshop they will be less likely to offend again. People who comply with the terms of the diversion program never have to go to Court and their cases are declined to be prosecuted, so that they do not have a criminal record at the conclusion of the matter. According to a fact sheet prepared by the Office of Court Innovation, the original arrest is “sealed”. This eliminates the possibility of a criminal record or a warrant being issued, according to the Office of Court Innovation. The arrested…

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