Professor Says Workplaces Are Fifth Most Deadly Places in the Country

Deadly workplaces are taking their toll on Americans, according to an academic. The deaths are not only a direct result of workplace accidents but also of stress. Earlier this year, the Baltimore Sun reported how Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer warned workplace hazards like long hours, no health insurance, a lack of autonomy and high demands are killing people. In a recent interview about his book, “Dying for a Paycheck,” the academic said: “It’s pretty clear that the human costs — in terms of death — and the economic costs, in terms of elevated healthcare spend, are quite substantial.” Pfeffer’s book follows an academic paper three years ago that said more than 120,000 deaths a year and up to 8 percent of yearly health care costs are linked to how U.S. companies manage their workforces. Instead of adding exercise programs, he argued companies need to look more closely at toxic management practices that result in serious health…

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