Prof Hrdy: When Inventions Kill Jobs

Prof. Hrdy has an interesting new blog post to accompany her paper titled Technological Un/employment.  Her work focuses on the intersection between jobs and intellectual property – looking both historically and toward the future of automation. “[T]he impact of technology on employment has historically been “skill-biased”—demand for high skills workers rises; demand for low skill workers falls.” Although I disagree with some aspects of Prof. Hrdy’s work. I absolutely agree that the Strong IP => More Jobs statements have been largely propaganda.  It may also be true that “inventions humans make today could end up meaning there are [very few] jobs left for their grandchildren.”  The difficulty for automation is that – even in a world of plenty – that hyper-accumulation results in scarcity for the populace. Hrdy proposes regulation to help avoid these outcomes. Her approach is…

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