Procedures required to be followed by an appointing authority seeking to place an employee on disability leave pursuant to Civil Service Law §72 involuntarily

The basics with respect to placing an employee on ordinary disability leave pursuant to §72 of the Civil Service Law* involuntarily, except where the appointing authority determines that the individual's continued presence at the job site constitutes a danger to the individual or to his or her coworkers or agency clients within the meaning of §72.5 of the Civil Service Law, are as follows:1. An employee may not involuntarily be place leave pursuant to §72.1 of the Civil Service Law by an appointing authority until employee has been first examined by a physician designated by the State Department of Civil Service or the municipal civil service commission having jurisdiction;2. In the event the physician certifies that the individual is unable to perform the duties of his or her position and the appointing authority decides to place the individual on §72.1 leave, the employee must be notified of this decision and of his or her right to appeal the…

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