Private practice vs. public service: A cost-benefit analysis

For many law students, there is a point during the final year of their studies that they find themselves presented with a monumental decision: whether to pursue a career in the governmental or public service sector, or attempt to break into private practice law firms. Again, this choice isn’t necessarily a part of every student’s journey, as many have either had the choice made on their behalf (in the form of an enticing offer that couldn’t be refused), or have maintained the same career goal since starting their legal education. But, for others, it is a very real (and very difficult) choice. There are a lot of factors that go into a choice between working in the public sector or in private firms. The chief among them is, most obviously, the difference in pay. It is no secret that governmental attorneys earn less than most private attorneys. An attorney working for the government (Assistant Attorneys General, Assistant District or State Attorneys,…

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