Pritzker Law Firm Representing Families in Listeriosis Death Cases Involving Cantaloupe

We have been retained by the families of two people who died from complications of listeriosis, an illness caused by Listeria monocytogenes, a foodborne pathogen. We are investigating whether these deaths are part of the Listeria outbreak linked to Rocky Ford cantaloupe grown by Jensen Farms on its fields in Granada, Colorado. One of the cases involves the death of a 76-year-old DuPage County, Illinois man. He had eaten cantaloupe every day before he had symptoms of listeriosis. He was diagnosed with listeriosis, hospitalized, and released a few days later. His condition worsened, and he was hospitalized a second time. He died on September 11, 2011. We are also representing the family of a woman from New York who died from listeriosis while in the hospital for an unrelated medical condition. During the month that she was in the hospital for the unrelated medical condition, she ate a lot of cantaloupe. Because she liked fruit, the dietician had put in a special order for a fruit plate two times a day. The fruit plate typically had cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries and grapes. She was to be discharged on August 11 or 12, but symptoms of listeriosis manifested. She died on August 17, 2011. There have been 9 confirmed listeriosis wrongful death cases linked to the outbreak, and many more deaths are being investigated. The nine confirmed outbreak deaths include two in Colorado, four in New Mexico and one each in Oklahoma, Maryland and Nebraska.

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