Press Conference Tuesday: EFF and Open Internet Advocates Will Urge California Lawmakers to Defend Net Neutrality for Californians

S.B. 822 Will Protect California Internet Users From Blocking, Throttling, and Data Discrimination by ISPsSacramento, California—On Tuesday, May 29, at 11:30 am, EFF Legislative Counsel Ernesto Falcon will urge state senators to pass a bill that would protect net neutrality in California. A coalition of lawmakers, small businesses, consumer and social justice groups, and open internet advocates are holding a press conference to voice support for S.B. 822, which would require ISPs to adhere to net neutrality principles. ISPs would be prohibited from user-unfriendly practices, such as data throttling, which can force customers to pay more to get better streaming speeds, and paid prioritization, which allows ISPs to charge for some Internet services to be sped up, while all the rest are slowed down. The bill would also prohibit discriminatory zero-rating practices that violate net neutrality and threaten innovation and user choice. The bill, introduced by State Sen. Scott…

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