Prepping for the bar exam: It’s more than just learning the law

Many recent law school graduates have just started studying for the bar exam. As someone who was in your shoes last year, I thought I’d share what I wish I’d done differently when studying for the bar exam and a couple things that I think I did well that I think everyone could benefit from knowing. I did pass the bar exam the first time and by a pretty decent margin, which I share only to say that this advice actually worked for me. However, what works for you may be quite different. Take what makes sense and leave the rest. First, I wish that I had taken a vacation between law school graduation and studying for the bar. I had about a week in between, but was busy with moving out of my apartment and tying up loose ends. I started bar prep completely burnt out – like, I wanted to cry I was so exhausted. However, I was too nervous about falling behind in bar prep to take a vacation and kept myself going by imagining the vacation I was going to take. It…

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