Preparing Your Client for Deposition – Part 7

When preparing your client for deposition, it's tempting to gloss over the mundane, but covering the basics will help settle your client's jitters. You have handled plenty of depositions. This is likely your client's first. With that in mind, in addition to covering the finer points of deposition techniques, make sure you cover the following basics with her regarding the deposition: 1. Location 2. Directions 3. Parking 4. Attire 5. When to arrive at the deposition 6. What documents to bring 7. What documents not to bring 8. Who will be in attendance 9. Court reporter's role 10. Your role (what you, as counsel, can and can't say and do) 11. Opposing counsel's role 12. Client's role 13. What is a transcript 14. Significance of oath (perjury implications) 15. Any quirks of opposing counsel 16. Where everyone sits at deposition 17. What objections are 18. How long will it take 19. Breaks 20. Lunch 21. Reading the transcript 22. Making changes to the transcript Share this: Twitter LinkedIn Email Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Facebook Like this: Be the first to like this post.

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