The Power of Social Networking

Social networking websites are currently the most popular destinations on the internet. User statistics show that 91% of all adults that use the internet access social media at some point in a typical month. Even if you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account yourself you will know someone that does. Twitter is renowned for bringing worldwide attention to breaking news with their trending hash tags. SEO experts and internet marketing companies have the ability to harness the massive audience potential of social media. Social Media is the future of Internet marketing phoenix with social networking ad revenue already at a staggering $5bn in the US with predicted growth to $10bn by 2013.

Creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account is now essential internet marketing practice for any business, website or brand. Businesses find that it is much easier to interact and communicate with their customers and potential customers via Facebook. Phoenix internet marketing company Dynamic Search understand the full benefit that Facebook and Twitter sharing can be for search engine ranking. Social share buttons allow visitors to your website to share content without ever having to leave the page. This enhances the user-experience and keeps visitors active on your website for longer. It can spread information about your business products or services to consumers who might not know your business exists. Allowing visitors to share content via social media platforms is also a valuable SEO technique.

Social Sharing and SEO:

Social signals are now being included in search engine algorithm which means that allowing content to be shared via social networks is very important. This means that Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Tweets’ will directly affect search engine ranking. This is new technique is already employed by search engine newcomer Bing whom have a close affiliation with Facebook. However, Bing currently only accounts for 30% of all online searches. Whereas certified ‘search giant’ Google accounts for almost 65% of all online searches. Google choosing to adopt social signals into their ranking algorithm means that websites that do not allow for social sharing are set to miss out on a potentially enormous promotional opportunity.

A recent study based on the analysis of four million tweets revealed that web pages that have a Twitter share button get seven times more social media mentions than those without one. This proves that Twitter is an essential tool for online marketing. Facebook and Twitter can reach millions of people worldwide with the click of a button. It is essentially word of mouth advertising except on a global scale. Share buttons allow businesses to reach a wider audience, not only attracting new customers but creating brand awareness and increasing brand recognition.

The reason that Google have decided to include social signals in their search engine ranking algorithm could be due to the launch of Google+. Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook, their very own social networking website. Launched in June 2011 it is already growing rapidly, with a reported 10 million members after one month. That is nothing when compared to Facebook’s alleged 800 million members and Twitter’s 200 million members. Google+’s share button is called a ‘+1’ and due to it being incorporated into Google’s search engine algorithm it is predicted to become very popular. Only time will tell whether Google+ can challenge Facebook’s dominance or get swept aside like the once popular MySpace.

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