NiLP Latino Datanote Siena College Poll: Latinos, Race and Sexual Relations in New York State The NiLP Report Latinos are most positive about the state of race relations in New York State, compared to Whites and Blacks, according to the latest Siena College Poll. This poll, conducted with a sample of 824 registered voters on January 7-11, found that 44 percent of Latinos thought race relations were either excellent or good, compared to 40 percent of Whites and 24 percent of Blacks. Asked if they had been personally treated unfairly because of their race, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference, about a quarter of both Latinos and Whites stated they have been (24 percent), compared to 47 percent of Blacks. Asked how significant a problem sexual harassment is in the workplace, 40 percent of Latinos and Blacks stated it was very significant, compared to 20 percent of Whites. Were they aware of the problem of sexual harassment in their place of work? Latinos…

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