Pope Issues New Law On Reporting of Sex Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults In Vatican

On March 26, Pope Francis promulgated Law N. CCXCVII on the Protection of Minors and of Vulnerable Persons of Vatican City State.  It requires any public official of the Vatican City State who has information or a well-founded belief that a minor or other vulnerable person is the victim of abuse is required to report it to authorities, except for information obtained in the sacrament of confession. According to the Catholic Register:While few minors are resident in Vatican City State, there are minors in the Sistine Chapel Choir, and there is a pediatric hospital and a minor seminary under Vatican City State jurisdiction….The new law will now cover all forms of physical and emotional abuse — not just sexual violence through coercion — as well as serious forms of mistreatment, neglect, abandonment and exploitation against minors, who are below the age of 18, and vulnerable adults.As reported by AP:According to the new Vatican definition, a vulnerable person is…

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