Police use of force-arbitrator reinstates officer who "stomped" on suspect

On April 8 2017 Grievant arrived on the scene of another officer attempting to subdue a fleeing subject. According to the grievant, he observed the officer "wrestling" with the subject, flipping him on to his stomach and attempting to handcuff him. Grievant stated that one of the subject's hands was cuffed, but the other was free and the subject was continuing to resist. Coming to the aid of the officer, grievant "took his left foot and stomped down on [the subject's] left shoulder area to pin him to the ground." Grievant subsequently stated the he believed his actions were necessary because of the information he had received that the subject was armed and that shots had been fired in the area. The subject was arrested and, pursuant to Department policy, grievant filed a Use of Force Report. A Department Sergeant conducted an investigation, which including viewing a video that  had been taken of the incident  She found grievant's…

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