Podcast: Ten Most Effective Marketing Techniques

The Chicago Bar Association asked me to record a podcast on the most effective marketing initiatives for solos and small law firms.  The recording is online at http://www.chicagobar.org/podcasts/   Its the second item: 08/24/2007YLS – Most Effective Marketing Techniques. 

Look for the link Download — left-click on the link to listen to it online, or right-click to download it to your computer. Its 8.92 meg, so itll download in about a minute.   Here is a table of contents:
  1. Spend 2.5% of gross revenue on marketing.
  2. Put video on your website.  It appeals to 30% of the US public, which has always had the Internet as part of their lives.
  3. If you cant measure your marketing initiative, dont do it.  Be skeptical of advertising and public relations. Instead write blogs, websites, online banner ads, email newsletters
  4. Focus on getting new files from current clients.
  5. Cultivate referral sources. Start with clients, then pursue investment brokers, accountants, bankers, law school classmates and other sources.
  6. Get on the board of directors of a trade association.  Get active and be visible.
  7. Pursue "targets," or business executives whom you already know.
  8. Write down your business plan — whom youre going to call, when youre going to meet them and the outcome you desire.  Its inchoate until you write it down.
  9. Spend 400 hours a year on business development — four hours per week.
  10. Track your results.   Its better than radio ads, which dont produce any results.

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