Pod save the claim: "sportspods" competition leads to false advertising, TM claims

Anthem Sports, LLC v. Under the Weather, LLC, 2018 WL 1175406, No. 17cv596 (D. Conn. Mar. 6, 2018)Anthem and UTW compete in the market for “sportspods,” small tents for viewing outdoor sporting events during inclement weather. I won’t discuss the claims for declaratory relief against potential violations of UTW patents.Anthem initially distributed UTW products online under an exclusive distribution agreement, until the relationship collapsed and UTW turned to Dick’s Sporting Goods for distribution. “Anthem subsequently located a different manufacturer and “began offering all weather personal enclosure products under the trade names UnderCover™ and SportPod™, including SoloPod™, Action Pod™, TeamPod™, and BugPod™.” UTW then allegedly began using “the mark ‘Sportspod’ to refer to multiple goods” that it offered for sale.  UTW also allegedly threatened Anthem, its supplier,…

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