Please don’t repeat these things WikiLeaks says you can’t say about Assange

Enlarge / You absolutely cannot say these 140 things about Julian Assange, according to bastion of the free press WikiLeaks. (credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer, Getty Images) A representative of WikiLeaks has sent a "confidential" memo to news outlets including an updated "defamation list," advising reporters not to mention or publish it. The memo was promptly leaked anonymously online. Here, without further comment or editing, and in its entirety, is the WikiLeaks advisory. CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL COMMUNICATION NOT FOR PUBLICATION. Julian Assange has published the largest leaks in the history of the CIA, State Department, Pentagon, the U.S. Democratic Party, and the government of Saudi Arabia, among many others, as well as saving Edward Snowden from arrest. Predictably, numerous falsehoods have been subsequently spread about WikiLeaks and its publisher. Falsehoods have also been spread by third parties: media competitors, click-bait sites, political party…

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