Peru one step closer to a framework law on climate change

Last week, Peru’s unicameral Congress cleared legislation that would require all levels of government in the country to include climate change adaptation and mitigation in their policies and projects. The goal of the legislation is to reduce the country’s vulnerability to the effects of climate change. Legislator Wuilian Monterola expressed  that the legislation will “serve as a backbone to the work that is being done in the special commission on Climate Change, commissioned by the Plenary of Congress.” The legislation is the result of three years of work by the Congress and a compilation of many different bills. The final step in the process requires the President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, to sign the legislation into law. The legislation is Ley 1314/2016-PE. The law includes the requirement that subnational governments report climate change decisions that have been adopted to the Environment Ministry. Additionally, the ministries that form the…

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