PatCon8 at San Diego

Yesterday and today, the University of San Diego School of Law hosted the eighth annual Patent Conference—PatCon8—largely organized by Ted Sichelman. Schedule and participants are here. For those who missed it—or who were at different concurrent sessions—here's a recap of my live Tweets from the conference. (For those who receive Written Description posts by email: This will look much better—with pictures and parent tweets—if you visit the website version.)#PatCon8 at USD starts today, with a great schedule organized by @tedsichelman— Lisa L. Ouellette (@PatentScholar) March 2, 201813 women out of 68 #PatCon8 participants. We can do better. ☹️— Lisa L. Ouellette (@PatentScholar) March 2, 2018Judge Bencivengo to patent litigators at #PatCon8 – "You're killing me with these requests to file under seal."— Lisa L. Ouellette…

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