Passing the moral character test: How to get admitted to the bar despite your past

This is the time of year when many law students are filing their moral character application, hoping that the six month processing time will take them right about up to when their July bar exam results will be released. For some students, this is not a sure thing. The typical (and highly desired) path The typical path for law students is to graduate in May, study for and take the bar exam in July, start work at a firm in August or September, receive a passing bar exam score in November, and be admitted to practice in December. It seems like a great year with lots of exciting moments. The path of the student with a past But, some students will face a delay in their moral character application processing that will derail all of this. If a moral character application discloses arrests, for example, or other issues in a student’s past, admission in December is far less likely. Instead, as classmates are celebrating the end of the bar exam with beer and pizza, these students…

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