Passenger Reported Overboard on MSC Preziosa in Caribbean

A December 11 news report on states, “a cruise passenger has reportedly gone overboard from MSC Preziosa in the Caribbean on Saturday, December 8, according to France-Antilles newspaper, Martinique. A 69-year-old Dutch passenger was not located onboard the MSC Cruises ship when Preziosa arrived in Fort-de-France. The last port of call before Martinique was Philipsburg on Friday, December 7. The unidentified cruiser was last seen Friday night on their cabin’s balcony by his wife. Read the full report here: The Martinique newspapers states the most likely reason for the missing passenger would be because of the passenger going overboard. The report also says a Navy jet and helicopter were called in to search for the missing man, but were called off the following day. Passengers overboard are a common news headline, seemingly an event happening a few times a month from cruise lines around the world. Most passengers who go overboard are never…

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