Passenger Reported Overboard from the Mariner of the Seas, Rescued

Several guests aboard the Mariner of the Seas report that a passenger who went overboard from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship tonight has been located and rescued from the water. Person found alive and brought back onboard. — Dave Hall (@mortmn) March 19, 2019 I first heard of the overboard and the rescue from updates on Twitter from @kcjarvis who posted information, via a live video “periscope” app, operated under “Mariner of the Seas #rcperiscopers.” He reported that “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar” announcements were made on the ship as it headed toward Nassau. Search and rescue protocols were then followed.  @kcjarvis provided updates from guests on the Royal Caribban cruise ship. Mariner of the Seas – Oscar Oscar Oscar #rcperiscopers — kcjarvis (@kcjarvis) March 19, 2019 Later, he dramatically stated that the captain of the Royal Caribbean ship announced that the overboard person had…

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