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A woman who was 74 years of age has been involved in a car accident late last Wednesday morning. The accident was picked up on by a local newspaper, the Orange County Register. Chuyen Nguyen was rushed to a local hospital following the car accident which took place while she was in the parking lot of the Saigon City Supermarket on Westminster’s Brookhurst Street. In spite of the local paramedic’s response to the situation being described as ‘immediate’, Mrs Nguyen was sadly pronounced dead later that afternoon whilst she was in hospital. The 74 year old died from the internal injuries she sustained in the car accident.

At this stage, the authorities believe that Mrs Nguyen and her husband were making their way across the parking lot when a car, which was backing out of its space at high speed, collided with the elderly woman. The car was being driven by a man who was 61 years of age and who stayed at the scene in order to discuss what happened with the police. At this stage, the police investigating the incident believe the driver’s story that he did not see the Woman when backing out of his parking space and so no arrest has been made at this time.

The car accident happened in light of statistics being published stating that it is more common for young children to be killed in such parking lot accidents than adults. Cars backing out of driveways is, apparently, also another common situation to cause such accidents. It is estimated that around 30 per cent of all pedestrian car accidents that occur involve children under the age of 15 years old, with at least 50 per cent of these involving vehicles which are being backed up. It’s thought that the statistical jump might also be applied to elderly people, especially those who might be small in stature, as they are more likely to be underneath the view of the mirror of the driver while he or she backs up the car. Whether or not legal action will be taken by Mr Nguyen in this particular case is unclear at this stage as it will depend upon the outcome of the investigation into the car accident.

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