Paris Update

Le Palais du Luxembourg, viewed from le Jardin du Luxembourg The D&O Diary’s European assignment continued this past week with a short stop in Paris before heading home. I was in Paris for some business meetings, but I also had some other important things to attend to there as well. The most important thing that required my immediate attention upon my arrival in Paris was to check in on an old, dear friend that recently suffered a serious misfortune.   From head-on, it was hard to see anything amiss.     But seen from behind the church, the amount of damage is shocking. Of course I knew from news reports that the building’s roof structure had collapsed from the fire, but knowing that and actually seeing the damage are two different things. The entire roof is gone. It is really shocking to see. The building will of course eventually be repaired. But until it is repaired, there will be a sense of loss at the city’s center.    …

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