Painter Seeks Compensation From Homeowner After Fall in Tennessee Personal Injury Case

Property owners may be responsible for injuries caused by their negligence in certain situations.  In a March 15, 2018 case, the Court of Appeals of Tennessee considered a personal injury action filed against a homeowner who had hired the plaintiff to paint her house.  The defendant in the case had provided the plaintiff with the materials and ladders needed to access the exterior of her house.  While using the defendant’s folding ladder, the plaintiff fell to the ground, injuring his wrist.  The plaintiff sued the defendant for damages, alleging that she was negligent for providing him with old ladders that were unsafe. Negligence is generally defined as a failure to exercise reasonable care. To succeed on a negligence claim in Tennessee, the plaintiff must prove five elements:   (1) a duty of care owed by the defendant to the plaintiff; (2) conduct below the standard of care that amounts to a breach of that duty; (3) an injury; (4) cause in…

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