Pain and Suffering in Personal Injury Cases

You may have scars from a serious accident that other people can’t see. In a personal injury case, these damages may be referred to as pain and suffering, and they are an important part of your claim for damages. First, you may have pain and suffering from the accident itself. Some people are scared to get into a vehicle after being involved in a car accident. They may even have post-traumatic stress disorder that continues to affect them long after their physical injuries have healed. Second, you may experience mental pain and suffering as a result of your physical injuries. If your injuries are severe or leave you with a permanent disability, your mental and emotional state can be impacted as well. Valuing Pain and Suffering It’s difficult to put a value on pain and suffering. How can you decide on a figure to compensate someone who has become paralyzed from an accident? These damages can vary significantly from case to case because of this difficulty. However,…

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