Oy, Canada – Part 7,285

Previously on Oy, Canada:"Patients also experience significant waiting times for various diagnostic technologies."And that's just to be seen and treated. But what happens next? Often, the provider prescribes a med (or meds) to help treat the issue.That's the easy part:I'm Canadian. I have universal healthcare. My oncologist prescribed Xeloda, an oral chemotherapy, to try to extend my life. In Ontario, oral chemotherapy isn't covered.My insurance has been dragging their heels and just today declined coverage. #ThisDoesntSeemUniversal— Katie Davidson (@LovlyKatieLumps) July 19, 2018That's right: in at least one province CanuckCare© doesn't cover oral cancer treatment.And if one follows the comments, one is reminded of this dirty little CanuckCare© secret:"[P]rivate insurance is responsible for oral chemo (different from province to province"That's right, our Neighbors to the North© recognize the…

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