Owner of Drug Rehab Facility Who Paid For Some Patients' Initial Health Insurance Payments and Waived CoPays and Deductibles Charged With Insurance Fraud by Riverside County District Attorney

There are times when health care facilities may contribute to paying a patients' insurance. For example, a patient who is hospitalized for some time where it is documented properly and financial need exists and it is disclosed.However, can a health care facility pay for the initial premium that allows the patient to get treatment? Not usually. There are also some situations where copay and deductibles can be waived, but there are times when doing so is not allowed. These are two of the issues in a recent criminal case against the owner of a drug rehabilitation facility.On March 25, 2018, David Leo Johnson, the owner of Southern California Detox Treatment and Recovery (SCDTR) in Temecula, was charged with 30 counts of insurance fraud and an aggravated white collar crime enhancement by the Riverside County District Attorney. The case is set for a felony settlement conference on August 29, 2018. The bail was set at $270,000 which is usually indicative of the alleged…

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