Our Vast Database, Instrumental in Pursuing Asbestos Exposure Cases

Our database is very broad and diverse, as we have been pursuing asbestos exposure cases for over 25 years. We believe our database represents a tremendous advantage when it comes to handling asbestos cases, as it helps both our attorneys and our clients identify with more accuracy the hazardous products they were exposed to in the workplace. – By Michael Bartlett Since 1990, when our law firm came into being, our attorneys have been strongly committed to helping as many asbestos victims as possible recover just financial compensation for their injuries, either via filing a claim with the asbestos trust fund of their former employer or by standard litigation, which is more and more rare nowadays in this area of practice. Over the years, numerous competent and driven experts, such as legal assistants, database administrators, paralegals, as well as bookkeepers and archival and record managers, have joined Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. Without the resourceful team…

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