Our Thoughts on Stock Photos and Legal Web Design

We’re professional legal bloggers, so we focus more on the content of a legal website rather than its design. With that said, though, our blogging escapades and SEO research have brought us to hundreds of law firm websites, giving us an idea of what’s “in” and what is just plain ugly, even if they happen to be the same. Which is why, when we saw the article in Above the Law claiming There are a Whole Lot of Terrible Law Firm Websites, we couldn’t help but take a look. What we read, though, was disappointing, to say the least. So disappointing, in fact, that we felt the need to devote a blog article to explaining why. What the Article Said About Online Legal Marketing It didn’t say much: It was only 100 words, an image, and an embedded video. It’s actually the perfect kind of article that you should never post in your legal blog, for fear of being penalized by Google’s Panda algorithm. Distilled into a more manageable 38 words, the…

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