Organization Needed to Combat Mounds of Divorce Paperwork

Your paperwork can literally pile up when going through a divorce. You will need to keep track of various personal documents, court forms, bills, and official correspondences. Your documents will likely be a mix of paper and digital files, which may add to your confusion. Disorganization can cost you additional time and money as you try to find important documents or correct mistakes. Being organized comes naturally to some people. If you are not one of those people, here are five tips for improving your organizational skills: Use Folders: Whether physical or digital, you should sort all of your divorce related documents for future reference. For physical documents, folders and binders should work well, along with a filing container. On your computer, you can create folders and subfolders for text documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and other files. You can also use folders in your email to sort messages. Folders will both protect your documents and make it easier to…

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