Oregon Jumps on the Drug Pricing Transparency Bandwagon

By Serra J. Schlanger & Alan M. Kirschenbaum — On March 13, 2018, Oregon became the latest state to enact a law focused on transparency in drug pricing (see our roundup of other recent state laws). The Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, H.B. 4005, places new reporting requirements on drug manufacturers related to price increases and patient assistance programs. Insurers are also required to report certain information about prescription drugs use and costs to the Department of Consumer and Business Services. Manufacturer Reports Under Oregon’s new law, manufacturers must report certain information for each prescription drug that has a price of $100 or more for a one-month supply or for a course of treatment lasting less than one month, and that had a net increase of 10% or more in the price over the course of the previous calendar year. Price is defined as the wholesale acquisition cost. By July 1, 2019, and by March 15 of every year thereafter,…

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