Oracle v. Google – Oracle Specifies Claims It Will Assert

As required by the court, Oracle has now reduced the claims it will assert at trial to 15. 471 [PDF] Or is it 26? With a bit of semantic slight of hand Oracle maintains that the 26 claims are really only the 15 claims to which they are offering to limit themselves. There is some logic to Oracle's approach. If you spend any time reading patents, especially patents related to software, you will often times find three very similar independent claims: a method claim (just the software); an apparatus claims (the software run on a device); and a computer-readable medium claim (the software stored on computer-readable media). Oracle refers to these as mirrored claims. Oracle's request is that, while it will limit itself to 15 claims, it wants the added benefit of having related "mirrored" claims included for purposes of Google liability.

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