Online Marketing in 2019: Keeping Up With a Changing Web

This Article first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Orange County Lawyer Magazine For many lawyers, marketing is the last thing on their minds. Whether they are comfortable with the ‘old school’ approach of referrals and handshakes or they just don’t have the time / interest / money, the timeworn adage of “spending money to make money” just does not sit well. But times have changed and we have moved to an on-demand society (think: Uber). In 2008, law practices were built on personal relationships. In 2018, tech-first legal solutions (think: LegalZoom) increased in popularity. Today’s consumer wants quick, easy, and local. Does your marketing strategy prioritize these elements? It’s 2019, and we are obsessed with our smartphones, so let’s move forward with the assumption that online marketing (websites, social media, SEO, etc…) is here and here to stay. Hey, the State Bar finally acknowledged that social media and…

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