Online Legal Document Providers and the Public Interest

Fortney, Susan Saab, Online Legal Document Providers and the Public Interest: Using a Certification Approach to Balance Access to Justice and Public Protection (March 5, 2019). Oklahoma Law Review, (symposium on Lawyering in the Age of Artificial Intelligence), Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: – “The Internet and electronic communications have revolutionized how consumers obtain legal information and assistance. The availability of legal forms and services has developed at lightning speed and countless consumers are using these forms, rather than consulting attorneys. At the same time, many regulators of the legal profession appear to be frozen in time. Some take the position that the provision of interactive forms amounts to the unauthorized practice of law and others question arrangements that appear to involve the sharing of legal fees with non-lawyers. Even for those interested in regulating the provision of on-line services, one…

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