One Year and Counting

In September, Eric Biber and I released a report assessing the state of play in environmental issues 200 days into the Trump Administration, based on an earlier series of blog posts. As we end Trump’s first year, it’s time to bring that assessment up to date. It follows the same outline as the previous report but omits a lot of the detail. I will focus on our predictions at that time and how they’ve borne out since then. But first, some general thoughts about the past year. The bad news.  Despite some early thought that Trump might moderate his campaign positions on energy and environment, that hasn’t happened. If anything, as he has tied himself more and more to the coal industry, his positions have only hardened. Fortunately, converting those positions into effective policy isn’t just a matter of Trump sending a tweet or picking up the phone and giving an order. Trump campaigned on opposition to all things environmental and promised…

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