Oliver Babish: Fictional Lawyer, Accurate Advice

Nearly four years ago, Friend of the Blog Derek Allen and I published an article on our Top 10 Fictional Lawyers of all time. Part 1 and Part 2 are etched in the tomes of Duets Blog for your perusal and criticism. It was difficult to decide on the top ten, but we felt like we covered our bases pretty well with a long list of “honorable mentions.” Yet I recently realized there was a glaring omission from our list, Mr. Oliver Babish from the television series The West Wing, played by the actor Oliver Platt. I knew it was necessary to amend the list as soon as possible (i.e., the next time I was scheduled to post) to correct this injustice, and pass along some nuggets of legal advice that Mr. Babish provided to us all. With this year’s increased attention to political issues of all kinds, I continued to find myself remembering scenes from the show. When my wife mentioned she had recently finished a new series, and I realized she had not seen The West Wing,…

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