Ok Google, Hey Siri, Hi Alexa – have you renewed my trade mark yet?

With the ever increasing ubiquity of technologies improving everyday tasks in personal life, it is little wonder that such technologies are also offering efficiencies and advantages in the work context.  Phrases such as process automation, data mining, machine learning and actionable intelligence are no longer far-out themes, but instead are being used regularly (and with great benefit) across multiple industries – including those outside of the tech space. In lawyer language, these concepts translate into one previous seemingly impossible (and very valuable) commodity:  the ability to buy-back time.  But don’t be fooled – introducing technologies into legal firms is not an invitation for lawyers to retire on redundancy packages just yet.  Instead, these technologies provide a new opportunity to focus on legal expertise skill sets while relying on computer aids to perform administrative tasks in a more efficient and accurate way than ever…

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