Oh Yay! You Now Have 0.2 More Years to Get it All Done!

Those who feel like there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done are in a for a break – they now have more years than ever to complete their unending "to do list". According to Statistics Canada, life expectancy in this country has hit a new high. For those born between 2006 and 2008, life expectancy is now 80.9 years. This is an increase of 0.2 years from 2005 – 2007. Okay, so that might not mean much to the middle aged crowd with bulging inboxes…but at least the pre-school aged future multi-taskers will have more time! Those born in British Columbia are best off, with a life expectancy of 81.4 years. Ontario comes in at 81.3 years and Quebec at 81 years. Those born in the territories have the lowest life expectancy at birth – 75.2 years. Women still have a longer life expectancy than men, although the gap between the two is closing and the life expectancy of men is increasing at a faster rate than that of women. Men's life expectancy (for those born between 2006 – 2008) is 78.5 years, which represents an increase of 0.2 years since 2005 – 2007, while women's life expectancy is 83.1 years – an increase of 0.1 years. There's also some good news for the baby boomers – life expectancy at 65 has also increased. For the period of 2006 – 2008, life expectancy for this group is 20 years, an increase of 0.2 years since the last measurement was taken in 2005 – 2007. So…you may be able to get through all those unanswered emails and voicemails after all!

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