October Employee Celebrations

One of the best ways to avoid needless employment law disputes is to stay in touch with what your employees are thinking, feeling and doing. As part of our never-ending quest to keep you up-to-speed on the latest developments affecting your workplace, the following is our guide to some of the lesser-known holidays/celebrations your employees might be observing this month. Just to make sure you're paying attention, I included one made-up day on our list. The rest are very real. The first person to leave a comment below identifying the bogus celebration will win a valuable prize. Month-long Observances National Sarcastic Awareness Month Squirrel Awareness Month Go Hog Wild – Eat Country Ham Month National Bake and Decorate Month National Dental Hygiene Month National Caramel Month National Roller Skating Month Daily Observances Fire Pup Day (1) World Farm Animals Day (2) Techies Day (2) Mad Hatter Day (6) International Moment of Frustration Scream Day (12) International Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day (12) Be Bald and Be Free Day (14) National Grouch Day (15) Dictionary Day (16) Mulligan Day (17) Bring Charlie Sheen to Work Day (18) Caps Lock Day (22) National Mole Day (23) Mother-in-law Day (23) Sourest Day (25) Cranky Co-Workers Day (27) National Chocolates Day (28) Haunted Refrigerator Night (30) National Knock-knock Jokes Day (31) What this means for employers. If your employees suddenly start being sarcastic to squirrels, howling at the moon, shaving their heads, screaming in frustration, telling bad knock-knock jokes, quoting the dictionary, bringing farm animals and mother-in-laws to work and/or eating loads of chocolates, caramels and cakes and then incessantly brushing and flossing, now you know why. Enjoy the month! (Sources: holidayinsights.com, brownielocks.com)

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