Obsession About Work. Is That A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

Are You the Manic-Obsessive Type? – The Careerist. Wait a minute. Don't clients want a lawyer who is "inflexibly, excessively, and compulsively committed" and who finds it "difficult to disengage"? Legal problems can be all-consuming; and, face it, our clients want someone who will fight the good fight. But, are we killing ourselves? As the years pass, it becomes more difficult to "have a life", and many lawyers experience burnout. I agree with this author's conclusions, in general. For instance, forcing yourself to take breaks (I don't have to force myself anymore), changing thought patterns about work (I have worked on making my work environment more home like – with pet Cockatoos, and nice music), and I have a hobby (you are reading it) and I have another hobby (gadgets and tech). Still, we have stressful jobs and we deal with people at their worst. For each of us, there are strategies we can employ to reduce the stress load. Find yours and adopt them. I don't agree with the author that we should make it impossible to access work when we leave. That is impractical; and, in my experience, I have more stress when I am not connected. Gadgets and technology enable us to remain available; if we choose to be unavailable, learn where the off switch is. Finally, any client who doesn't appreciate that you need to have a life isn't worth the aggravation or the money. Just say no. By the way, I have a sign in the office for clients, that is clearly visible for them to see. It says "Save the Drama for your Mama".

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