Oakland Renters Deserve Quality Service and The Power To Choose Their ISP

Oakland residents, we need your stories and experience to continue the fight to stop powerful Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from limiting your ability to choose the service that’s best for you. Submit Your Story If you live in Oakland and have had trouble acquiring service from the ISP of your choice, EFF wants to know. Even in cities like Oakland where many residents ostensibly have a choice, thousands of renters are denied the power of that option. For years, renters have been denied access to the Internet Service Provider of their choice as a result of pay-to-play schemes. These schemes―promoted by the corporations in control of the largest Internet Service Providers―allow powerful corporations to manipulate landlords into denying their tenants the ability to choose between providers who share their values, or have plans that provide the best service meeting a customer's needs and budget. This concern was only exacerbated when the FCC repealed the…

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